Drink: What happened to the pouch?

“Don't you guys put your wine in a bag?”

We've decided to put the pouch on hold for a while. But let us be clear: on hold isn’t out to pasture. We are not ruling out the possibility of resurrecting that Beautiful Bag.

What brought about this sudden change of heart and drumbeat? Recently we heard reports that the bag was causing the wine to go bad after a few short months. While the majority of the pouches kept our delicious wine perfectly well, some did not. This is not what we were promised by the manufacturers—and it is unacceptable by our rigorous standards.

It's sad we can’t keep using the pouch, given that we evangelized its promise. The real potential of lower carbon footprint and less waste were something that met and exceeded our wildest sustainability dreams. But we also have a deep commitment to making our fellow wine drinkers happy.  

We remain as committed as ever to producing some incredible wines at affordable prices for you and yours. We also maintain a sincere dedication to figuring out to make wine sustainably and responsibly. Don’t hesitate to share ideas with us. We’ll share ideas with you too.

Ryan, Reed & Lane
Co-Founders, Bluebird Wines

Photo: our friend Andrew rocking the pouch costume

Lane Shackleton
Lane Shackleton


Co-owner of Bluebird Wines

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January 08, 2013

BIG fan of your cabernet and LOVE the pouch costume. Where can I get one? Would definitely wear for halloween while serving my fave wine!

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